Jeff trying to make you jealous of his desktop JBOD with some ASMR.

The Malware Museum showcasing some defanged malware from the 80’s and 90’s.

Guide created by the UK Goverment on protecting domains that should not send mail.

Benjojo’s asymmetric route latency measurement with additional timestamps on ICMP.

Great example of AWK programming with conditional replacements.

Illustrated introduction to Apache Kafka.

Blood Pressure increasing game.

a little bit of Unix History diving into FreeBSD Branch, with a 30 page case study expanding on the post(Which I only scrolled through).

Article looking at MikroTik devices which has been commandeered into botnets.

Poor software design resulting in death or serious injury.

The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme.

an algorithmically-generated scatter-plot of the musical genre-space.

OpenSSH 8.9 building in SSH agent restriction.

Prince of Persia in JavaScript.